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I have been a content writer since past seven years. Check out my article writing page for samples. It contains links to my sample work for article writing. You can download the article writing sample file from Content Writing Samples page. It also carries some of my articles published online.

If you are looking for Web content development, check out my web content writing sample work as well as the link given below. The sample file for website content development contains the format in which you would receive the complete website content in the sitemap format along with SEO work.

You can also find sample work for writing reviews, newsletters, sales letters, and brochure content. Check all content writing works under various sub-sections listed under the section for Content Writing Sample Works. If you want me to write any product reviews, software documentation, help files, etc. let me know. I shall be glad to do the writing jobs for you.

Contact me for writing blogs for your website or writing a good sales copy. I frown on plagiarized content and so does Copyscape. You are free to check my any content on Copyscape before accepting it. Sounds interesting! Contact me with details of your requirement and ask for a quote.

Listed under are few of my online profiles on various freelancing websites. You can view my online publications, reviews, client testimonials, etc. If you have any doubts or queries, shoot back them to me. I shall be happy to answer them. Write back to me for all content writing jobs!

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I have been a freelance content writer for quite a long time now. I have several online content writing profiles that carry links to my client testimonials. Click here to view all my Freelance Content Writing profiles on the internet.